How (Not) To Be a Bioinformatician: 7,749 Accesses Two Weeks On

Well, beyond my wildest dreams, it seems that this publication continues to be highly accessed. It has been only two weeks since the article was published and there have been 7,749 accesses. No formal marketing was done, only Tweeter was used by some colleagues I follow. Once these tweets went out, suddenly the response went viral. […]

Some 10 Current Interesting Challenges in (Computational) Biology

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a compendium of current problems that I encounter on a regular basis. This post might be especially useful for students who want to find a challenging problem for their research or simply anyone interested to know some of the science that goes on at the Wellcome Trust […]

Cloud computing: a new standard platform?

Cloud computing is becoming a technology mature enough for its use in genome research experiments. The use of large datasets, its highly demanding algorithms and the need for sudden computational resources, make large-scale sequencing experiments an attractive test-case for cloud computing. So far I have seen cloud computing demonstrated using R (1). However, it remains […]