myKaryoView v2: Navigate Your Own Genome!

Following on the release of a Nature article on the rise of genome bloggers, in which Manuel Corpas’ Blog is linked, I would like to take this opportunity to announce the release of myKaryoView v2, an open source visualization software for personal genomics. Combining Rafael Jimenez’s and my own efforts, we have significantly augmented myKaryoView’s […]

myKaryoView: First Open Source Visualization Software for 23andMe Data

Following my previous post on the First Publicly Available Genome Via DAS I would like to present an open source software that Rafael Jimenez and myself have developed for visualization of genomic data. Here we have it configured to display 23andMe data as a test case. We call it myKaryoView and it is available for […]

First Publicly Available Personal Genome Via DAS

You may have heard stories about some well known people to have released their genome for public use. I would like to convince you that now you don’t have to have a lot of money or being a public figure in order to do that. Companies like 23andMe and Navigenics provide the ability to get […]