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3 Day Masterclass Precision Medicine London, 27 – 29 March 2017 – PQHG Promo Code 20% off

- Get to grips with the fundamentals of genome-based precision medicine - Create a sustainable and scalable business in precision medicine - Learn about the main aspects of the industry, including key terminology and concepts - Understand today’s global landscape of precision medicine - Gain insight into public and private precision medicine initiatives across America, Europe and Asia - Discover the role of genomic data in the business of precision medicine - Explore business models and options for exploitation of genome-based datasets - Identify commercial opportunities in diagnostics arising from genome data aggregation - Understand human factors for market penetration of DNA testing - Understand the future of advanced precision diagnostics in the clinic - Analyse the exponential growth of datasets and how to leverage their value - Discover the emerging industry of precision preventive medicine


Need to understand the new business opportunities available in this novel healthcare sector?


I will be teaching this 3 Day Masterclass Precision Medicine in London, 27 – 29 March 2017.
The course will provide insight into the past, present and future of precision medicine, with particular emphasis on genome-based precision medicine.

Day 1 Precision Medicine today

This will cover the fundamentals of precision medicine, providing insight into key terminology, biology and concepts as well as today’s major governmental precision medicine initiatives across the globe.

Day 2 Designing a Scalable & Sustainable Business

The Second day focus on innovation, partnerships and investment opportunities, proving attendees a comprehensive overview of the key disease indications, precision technologies and public and private organisations in the industry.

Day 3 Implementation of Business Centric Precision Medicine Strategy

On day three we will provide insight into implementing precision medicine research and investment programs, giving participant’s knowledge of stakeholders across the industry ecosystem.

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