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Hello #ESHG2017 Copenhagen!

A hands-on workshop to provide you with a strong foundation on how to quickly find reusable genomic data


DATE: Sun 28 May 2017
TIME: 19:15 – 20:45 CEST
LOCATION: Bella Center, 5 Center Boulevard, 2300 København

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The European Society for Human Genetics is organising the leading conference in the field in Europe this end of May. The conference will cover all aspects of human genetics, from cutting edge research into the human genome and individual genetic or chromosomal conditions, right through to the practical issues of organising genetic services to deliver the benefits of this knowledge to our populations.

I am delighted to announce our participation at the ESHG Exhibit 2017, held 27th – 30th May, in Copenhagen, Denmark. I will hold a unique Satellite workshop on Finding & accessing human genomic data.

Finding & Accessing Human Genomic Data Workshop

Sunday 28th May | Time 19:15 – 20:45

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Researchers increasingly rely on third party data to perform their experiments.

The goal of this workshop is:

  • To identify existing genomic datasets that best match your research needs
  • To select and filter datasets according to criteria such as data source provenance and assay type
  • To gain immediate access to readily downloadable open human genomic data

This is a hands-on workshop which will provide you:
1) A strong foundation on how to quickly find reusable genomic data
2) A practical demonstration of Repositive, the leading human genomic dataset finding platform.


After this course you should be able to:

  • Find all genomic data available for a particular condition (e.g. disease, healthy state, controls, validation studies)
  • Understand the most suitable genomic data repository for your needs
  • Submit data to genomic data repositories following best practices


During this workshop you will learn about:

  • Current challenges in data sharing, focusing especially on researchers studying human genomic datasets
  • A number of tools and resources for finding, accessing and sharing genomic data: namely that of Repositive, but also addressing others such as EGA (European Genome Phenome Archive), dbGaP, GigaScience, Nature Scientific Data and figshare
  • Best practices for using data to power hypothesis testing and maximising research impact

Conference Registration

If you would like to meet me please DM on Twitter @manuelcorpas or just drop me a line!

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