Precision Medicine Podcast: Personal Data Clouds Avoid Disease in Healthy Individuals

An advance in Precision Medicine analysing personal data clouds from 108 individuals.

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Welcome to the Precision Medicine podcast, the first Precision Medicine-only podcast in the world. In this podcast, we will be discussing the current news on recently published paper by Leroy Hood’s team “A wellness study of 108 individuals using personal, dense, dynamic data clouds“. This article, published on the 17th of July in Nature Biotechnology, is in my opinion a significant advance in Precision Medicine whereby analysing a huge amount of many different types of data from 108 individuals, the team is able to show examples of individuals with signs of disease states being treated very early in the process of developing symptoms. This is indeed a good indication future how the future of personalised healthcare could be.

This is a podcast series on Precision Medicine whose objectives are as follows:

1) To help you learn the critical developments shaping the future of diagnostics, drug development and personalised treatments.

2) To allow you to discover in one single podcast series the challenges affecting clinical and industry key opinion leaders while delving into the ethical, social and legal implications of personal genomes.

3) To advance your knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and High throughput technologies applied to Precision Medicine.

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