Dr Manuel Corpas
ORCID:    0000-0002-4417-1018
Publons:  1168880
Twitter:  @manuelcorpas
LinkedIn: manuelcorpas

Manuel is the owner and maintainer of Personal Genomics Zone. He spends most of his working time as Chief Scientist at Cambridge Precision Medicine, a Cambridge-based startup whose objective is to help clinicians interpret genomics. He has a long track of work on the human genome since the very beginning of his career, being one of the first consumers to sequence and his own genome and those of close family members, which he published as the Corpasome. At the Sanger Institute in Cambridge, he developed methods for integration, visualisation and analysis of genomic data, and was also a Scientific Programmer at the European Bioinformatics Institute. In addition, he has led research on animal and plant genomes at the Genome Analysis Center and was Scientific Lead at Repositive, a start-up specialised in sharing and storing genomes of different types. As well as his work at Cambridge Precision Medicine, Manuel is a Tutor at the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education and also teaches online courses in precision medicine in both English and Spanish. 

Manuel has over 50 peer reviewed scientific publications to his name, and a book, ‘Perfect DNA’, in which he explores the wider issues beyond the science of genetic sequencing. He is a member of the scientific programme committee for the conference on Personal Genomes at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge and is scientific coordinator of the Longevity World Forum in Valencia. Manuel graduated in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Navarra, with a Masters and PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of Manchester. Details of Manuel’s publications can be found here.

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