This page shows published articles and interviews appearing in newspapers, magazines and television. Some of them are in English, some of them in Spanish.

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February 2021

Interviewed [in Spanish] for National Radio COPE, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the Human Genome Draft. Corpas appears after minute 12.

November 2019

Longevity World Forum, November 2019, Valencia, Spain

September 2019

In this session from the 2019 Symposium on Personal Control of Genomic Data for Research I share my motivations, experiences, perceptions, and thoughts on controlling my genomic data.

November 2018

How #genomics influence ageing. An interview from the 2018 Longevity World Forum conference in Valencia, Spain.

June 2018

Promotional Video about the Longevity World Forum happening in Valencia 7-8 November 2018.

Cambridge Independent news Article about Aubrey de Grey being one of the keynote speakers at the Longevity World Forum.

April 2018

An opinion article from Cambridge Independent on why I urge caution over consumer genetic tests.

January 2018

We are pleased our founder Manuel Corpas was among the top 10 influencers according to symplur at the Festival of Genomics London 2018, both by mentions and number of tweets.

December 2017

Article about the ethical questions of sharing human genomic data of the deceased in GenomeWeb.

August 2017

News in the Cambridge Independent: “Repositive: ‘Our core platform is like an Airbnb for genomics’”

July 2017

New Scientist quote on Dame Sally Davies ‘Generation Genome’.

Apr 2017

Algoritmos para curarse en salud” – An article about my presentation at the University of Malaga on April 6th by the local newspaper Malaga Hoy.

Feb 2017

Podcast interview in Cambridge 105.

Dec 2016

Interview at Cambridge TV on my new book ‘Perfect DNA’ and my work at Repositive Ltd.

Nov 2016

Interview in Spanish about my professional life and vision of the field of precision medicine.

Dec 2015

Comparison of Commercial Software Reveals Gaps in Variant Interpretation, Genome Web.

A report on my article “Crowdsourced direct-to-consumer genomic analysis of a family quartet”.

Nov 2014

Exploring the role of open science in human genomics

Dr Manuel Corpas, Project Leader at The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) was invited to speak at DNAdigest’s symposium, “Open Science in human genomics research – challenges and inspirations”.

Oct 2014

Keynote speech at the 1st Student Symposium on Computational Biology and Life Sciences at the University of South Wales, near Cardiff. This event was organised by UK’s Regional Student Group, a newly established exciting initiative that brings together Computational Biology students from across the UK. My role in the founding of the ISCB’s Student Council and my current involvement in ISCB’s Board of Directors allowed me to bring together some of my personal career experiences regarding the importance of being involved in Regional Student Groups like this one.


Press release for my presentation “Family Personal Genomics: Are We Ready?” at the 2nd International Conference on Genomics in Europe (ICG-Europe 2013), Ghent, Belgium


Keeping it in the family. An article about my crowdfunding efforts to pursue the sequencing of my whole family in Science.

A personal view of personal genomics:


FuengirolaTV (in Spanish); talking about my work in medical genetics.

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