We Hereby Release Our Family’s Genomes to the Public Domain

Download page:


After some deliveration and with informed consent from all family members involved, four relatives in my family, Mom, Dad, Sister and Aunt are releasing their 23andMe genomes together with mine to the public domain.

Genealogic tree of family, indicating three generations. Male and female are denoted as squares and circles respectively. Filled shapes denote available 23andMe genomes. The red diamond indicates Manuel Corpas’ position in the tree.

A page has been created that describes the origins, the genealogic tree and the data. A detailed explanation is offered on how to access, download and visualize this data using myKaryoView, a personal genomics visualization client.

The license for using this data allows any use of it as long as ‘the Corpas family’ is acknowledged. Please note that we have changed our license under an even more permissive license. More details can be found in the download page. Although not required, we would appreciate if you could report us back any knowledge you find with this data. We would very much love to hear of any results obtained from using these genotypes.

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