Scientific Announcements Don’t Get Noticed Where They Should

Wouldn’t it be nice if the event you are trying to promote needed to be posted only once? What if  there was a central repository for dissemination of announcements that was accessible and permanently up-to-date?  Wouldn’t it be great if your blog or website could show relevant professional announcements without having to enter them?

Unfortunately, people around the world are still trapped in the paper-based office paradigm when wanting to disseminate announcement information. Again and again they post their announcement to different places knowing that it will only reach a partial share of all potentially interested readers. They add data and clog online databases as no centralized repository is available for posting or getting information. Despite the great number of hours of work lost by millions of people trying to post, scientific organizations have been extremely slow to embrace community-shared announcement curation.

We (Rafael Jimenez and I) are promoting the creation of a community of organizations and people to lead iAnn, a centralized collaboration platform that coordinates curation efforts among scientific organizations. iAnn increases access to announcements through its dissemination tools, which have been designed specifically to integrate posts across many different websites with minimal effort. iAnn allows you to post your event, course, piece of news only once to a central repository, which is then disseminated seamlessly to relevant scientific organizations or websites according to keywords, dates or geographical location.

If you think iAnn is of interest to you please contact me (see contact information on the right) or wait for future developments that are about to come in Manuel Corpas’ Blog. Currently we are in a development phase for the project and would like to hear from potential users or scientific organizations if they have any thoughts or suggestions on the matter. Our aim is to change the way anyone posts and finds relevant information about any given professional field. iAnn promises to help many users keep up-to-date with relevant announcements more effortlessly. Perhaps from now on websites will be better able to have most of the events, courses, seminars, news, etc. that users would expect to find in them.

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