[Crowdfunding Genome Project] Day 2: BGI Officially Agrees Sequencing

We are delighted to announce that the BGI has kindly agreed to do the whole genome resequencing of the Corpas family (5 individuals) for $20,000 USD. This means that now our target budget is $20,000 instead ($4,000 each whole genome).

How to donate

BGI has agreed to provide an account where donations could be deposited. This means that all donations will be directed specifically to the account BGI has provided (this project will not handle any money donated). If you would like to contribute to this project with any sponsoring, no matter how small, please email me or my BGI contact for the account details:

Please make sure you notify me so I can reward your contribution.

Project title: Familial Genomic Data Analysis Using Free Tools

Analysis of the genomes of 5 blood-related individuals to demonstrate how much interpretation is possible using free software tools.

TARGET: $20,000 USD

If you PLEDGE $100 OR MORE before 29th July 2012

REWARD: 1 printed copy of the pre-publication manuscript related to research done with this data

If you PLEDGE $1,000 OR MORE before 29th July 2012

REWARD: Exclusive access to family genome data for 3 months before making it public domain

If you PLEDGE $5,000 OR MORE before 29th July 2012

REWARD: Hard drive with raw genome sequencing data for all family individuals (Limited Reward: 3 of 4 remaining)

Every contribution will be acknowledged in a blog entry once the process is completed (unless it is requested otherwise). Contributions greater than $1,000 will be acknowledged in every publication derived from this data.

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