An Honest Reflection On My Crowdfunding Genome Campaign

If you are watching this video, I assume that you have already heard of the project that I have carried out recently, in which I was able to raise ~$3,500 for the sequencing of the exomes of my family.

In this process I have had some good responses and criticisms. In this video I try to give my honest opinion on what I have learnt and what I think I would do differently next time.

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  1. Ethan Perlstein (@eperlste)

    Thanks for posting this, Manuel. I have a few questions about who actually funded your project. You said it was mostly friends and family, but could you be more specific? For example, how many total funders did you attract? What was the average vs median donation?

    Did you offer perks, like a traditional Kickstarter project? Apropos Kickstarter, you mentioned that they didn’t accept your project because you are not US-based, but did you formally submit your proposal and was it then rejected?

    Finally, what kind of traffic do you get on your blog in terms of unique visitors? Do you know if anyone funded your project through your blog?

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