Samples Shipped To The BGI

Well, finally the moment arrived. My mom’s, dad’s and sister’s saliva samples are today being shipped to the BGI. We hope to have the exome FASTQ data files available for download from BGI’s ftp server in about 2 months. We will look for any additional SNPs, CNVs and indels that can supplement the initial analysis that we performed using 23andMe genotype data.

Before I send the samples to Hong Kong, I took a picture of the samples:

Samples for BGI to be sent to Hong Kong this morning. I have there 3 Oragene Kits with saliva in them sealed in a plastic bag.

I would like to thank DNA Genotek for giving me 2 tubes of Oragene (the other two that they sent me I have already used). Thanks also to Lizzy Langley for giving me the other tube. Thanks as always to the BGI: Michelle Mao (UK Regional Director) and Xin Ren (Internal Coordinator). Finally, thanks to Helen Tunney for helping me with the postage of the samples to Hong Kong.

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