Fecal DNA From Personal Sample Available For Download

The DNA from my personal fecal sample is finally available for public download. The data are released under a public domain license (CC0 1.0). This means that you can copy, modify, distribute and work on it, even for commercial purposes, without asking permission.

All DNA contained in my faeces can be used to create a metagenomics analysis. This includes the identification of every bacteria, virus and every other living organism present in my poo. At the end of this process I hope to be able to complement my metagenomics analysis results with those from my personal genome and the genomes of my family.

Escherichia coli, one of the many species of bacteria present in the human gut.

The sequencing was performed at the BGI, using high-throughput Illumina sequencing technology (HiSeq) with paired-end sequencing. The insert library size is 170bp and the output contains 1.2 G of clean data in two fastq files.

The files have been uploaded to figshare, from which they can be freely downloaded. I would appreciate if any uses and interesting findings using these data could be emailed to me. Credit will be duly shared in any posterior usage of these findings in publications, articles or blog references.

Figshare page for Metagenomics Raw Data from Manuel Corpas's fecal sample
Figshare page for Metagenomics Raw Data from Manuel Corpas’s fecal sample. Click on this image to access to the download page.


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