It’s Official, “Corpasome” Is Now Part Of The Scientific Literature

Risking being called ‘Narcissome’ (as Michael Snyder’s work or Snyderome has been called), we not only have written about the Corpasome, we now have it published as well. Today the article “Crowdsourcing the Corpasome” appeared in the journal Source Code for Biology and Medicine. In this article I define the word, but most importantly, I describe the motivations for crowsdsourcing the genomes of my whole family (with their informed consent). Our final aim is to raise awareness of the huge benefits that open personal genome data could bring for the development of open, easy-to-use tools. Don’t forget however, to find the little pearls of satiric humour disseminated in the text!

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 12.48.28
Crowdsourcing the Corpasome article in Source Code for Biology and Medicine

In this article I also provide a list of all of the data that can be freely downloaded via figshare. To accompany the publication of this article, I have created a video in YouTube, encouraging scientists to analyse these data and to use them in any way that can help them develop new open source tools for the analysis of personal genomes. Enjoy!

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