No Excuse To Be Bored This Summer: BioJS Munich Hackathon 4th-9th August (Virtual/In Person)

BioJS codebase hackathon in Munich

Time: 4th-9th August
Location: digital or in Munich (department for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at TUM)

An unparalleled opportunity for hardcore JavaScript developers to have fun doing cool “Bio” hacking.

This hackathon aims at achieving the milestones for a new BioJS 2.0: have an easy to use BioJS lib that is a joy for devs to code with.

We have some loosely defined objectives for the week (you are welcome to bring your own!):

  • draft a BioJS core package
  • play with testing of biological computations in the web
  • discover the TnT library
  • hack with modular JavaScript, an AMD-based library and in-browser compilation
  • create a way to give component developers independence
  • achieve a plug & play registry
  • get to grips with the Bionode project


Please see more info here or just contact us.

require ["biojs/hackathon"], (Hackathon) ->
    party = new Hackathon "Munich"
    party.setTopic "BioJS codebase"
    party.setStart 2014-08-04

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