Open Science in Human Genomics Research


DNAdigest is organising a collaborative symposium on the topic “Open Science in human genomics research – challenges and inspirations” and kindly invites you to join this day of collaborative brainstorming.

The event will touch topics like open science, access to sequencing data, privacy concerns around human genomic data, etc., and will be a combination of short presentations from invited speakers followed by interactive discussion groups. The event will take place on the 22nd of November at the Future Business Centre, Cambridge, UK.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Manuel Corpas, will talk about how he as a citizen scientist has crowdfunded and crowdsourced the analysis of his personal genome.

  • Linda Briceno, will share her thoughts on legal and ethical implications of data sharing in genomics.

  • Nick Sireau, will talk about how scientists and patients can engage in collaborations, and how Open Science may be either beneficial or challenging in this context.

  • Tim Hubbard, will present how Genomics England is engaging the research community in the 100k genomes project.

  • Julia Wilson, will present how the Global Alliance is working to implement standards for data sharing across genomics and health

Feel free to share and remember to sign up through Eventbrite page!

See you in Cambridge.

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