‘Perfect DNA’ Kindle Book catalogued as ‘Hot’!

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Contrary to my expectations, Perfect DNA, a book that is now available for nominations at Kindle Scout is being catalogued as hot! This means that the first day after being released for evaluation, the book is already receiving a lot of attention. Thanks to all of you who have so far nominated this book!

Perfect DNA is set in the mid 2020’s. The main protagonist is John Malcolm, a forty-something average-joe accountant based in London. The sudden death of his father has got him thinking about his own health. On a whim he signs up for a genetic test. This test includes an extensive personality, environmental and genetic survey that predicts fairly accurately the life expectancy of the customer (assuming that no accidents happen). The novel follows John and his wife Jessica after they get widely different test results.

How to get your free copy

If you are interested in receiving a free early version of the book you can nominate it at Perfect DNA‘s Kindle Scout page and if the book gets sufficient nominations you will get a free copy.

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