JavaScript for Visualisation Workshop Completely Full

I am pleased to say that the JavaScript for Visualisation Workshop, organised as part of the BioJS community efforts to bring together the latest technologies and standards is fully booked.

JavaScript is a language that has had enormous technological developments recently, not least the provision of web components. This is a key technological feature that is expected to revolutionise the language. These technological advancements need not only to be known, they must be learned according to best practice.

In order to do so, we invited Tim Ruffles, a seasoned JavaScript trainer, an expert from the outside of the BioJS community. Bringing experts from outside of the community is a great advantage that brings new fresh approaches in the way code is developed.

The program for this workshop was consulted with the wider BioJS community as well as attendees of the workshop. We hope to repeat the success of this workshop in the near future.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 18.52.18

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