Bioschemas: finding a specification for biological web content

From November 7th to 9th, I attended the ELIXIR-UK meeting and the Bioschemas hackathon. Both meetings were hosted at BBSRC-funded institute Rothampsted Research. Both meetings represent UK-based bioinformatics platforms (ELIXIR-UK) and standards for description of human genome datasets (Bioschemas).

Attendees to the Bioschemas hackathon
Photo 1: Attendees to the Bioschemas hackathon.

ELIXIR-UK brings together a community of bioinformatics service providers across the country and Bioschemas is to come up with a standard specification with which to describe biomedical datasets.

Some of the most important outcomes of my attendance to the ELIXIR-UK & Bioschemas events involve:

  1. My commitment to join the Data Carpentry initiative, supported by ELIXIR-UK, which promotes best practices in data sharing and data representation. I hope to join one of its “train the trainer” courses, and is committed to Data Carpentry principles, disseminating them via the numerous workshops I teach via Repositive.


I will work closely with other dataset-discovery initiatives (e.g., DataMed& OmicsDI) to agree on an open standard for description of human genome datasets.

Photo2: Carole Goble speaking.
Photo2: Carole Goble speaking.

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