That feeling when your work is cited in Wikipedia

This time it has caught me by surprise and to me is probably the greatest recognition of my work to date.

By chance, a colleague of mine, Katie, was learning about the Human Genome, using the Wikipedia entry about it. To her surprise (and mine) she asked me whether some bit of the text she read was actually my work, and it was!

The work corresponds to a piece I wrote (with other influential scientists) about “A Complete Public Domain Family Genomics Dataset“. This article was never published in a peer-reviewed journal because of the difficulties of getting it accepted. It describes the characteristics of what it became, to our knowledge, the first CC0 released set of genomic, phenotypic and metagenomic data for a whole family, obtained through direct-to-consumer genetic tests.

This is a confirmation that, despite all hurdles, my contribution (and those of my family) is making an impact in Science and Society. I have made a screenshot of the section (Personal Genomics) where my work is cited (see screenshot below), indicating with a red rectangle the actual text that refers to my work.



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