Could genetic testing divide us?

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Source: Could genetic testing divide us?


A new book by leading genome scientist Manuel Corpas brings to life the complex area of genetic testing and its impacts on people and the future.


Perfect DNA describes possible future of genome technology in society

Perfect DNA, a newly released novel set in 2030 describes the story of an everyday man, John Malcolm, and how his decision to get a genetic test, following his father’s death, affects his life in unpredictable ways.

Perfect DNA tells the story of John, an average forty something accountant, and his wife Jessica, and how their differing genetic results affect their lives. When John is given a high score for his genetics, resulting in a long life expectancy, Jessica also decides to be tested. However, her score turns out to be much lower with a significantly shorter predicted life span.

The book follows the story of the Malcom family as they broker a deal to see their DNA used to improve scientific research, along with the associated financial, legal, and ethical implications. At the same time, the book explores the challenges of making personal information such as genomic data available and how this impacts not just John, Jessica and their daughter Esther, but also their extended family.

Manuel Corpas, the author of Perfect DNA, said: “The aim of this book is to bring together the many issues involved in genetic testing, but to try and tell it from a layperson’s perspective. John and Jessica are very much ordinary people, but when John is found to have ‘Perfect DNA’ it changes his life. Although set in the future, many of the legal, moral and ethical issues described within are fast becoming issues as our knowledge of genetics improves.”

The book is written by Manuel Corpas, Scientific Lead at Cambridge-based repositive. All profits will support DNADigest, a charity set up to promote improved sharing of genomic data.

The book is available through Amazon bookstore and kindle.

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