Taking Genomics Personal


Genomics is transforming the way we do health and even the way we will live our life. It is thus high time for this “personal” blog to focus even more on the technological, ethical, social and scientific challenges upon us.

My personal blog started in 2008, as a way to describe the experiences and features of the work I performed as a scientist. This blog has allowed me to publish and reach out new colleagues through stories that no other medium could have allowed me to do.

After 9 years with the same title for this blog, “Genomes, Web 2.0 and Bioethics”, I have now decided to change it to push the boundaries of Personal Genomics. I feel that the new title defines much better the stories I want to tell the world as well as the work I do closest to my heart, notwithstanding my wider interest in Human Genome Data Sharing.

I hope that this new story line on Taking Genomics Personal will expand on the wonderful follower base that my personal stories have gathered so far. I look forward to continue my mission to explore the personal and scientific adventures I encounter with a wider audience of engaged readers like you.



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