The National Genome Project Race


I have been following closely how national initiatives such as Genomics England or the Precision Medicine Initiative in the US have impacted the genomics data landscape in the past few years. A reflection of these initiatives is the political will to develop a new economic sector centred around genome-based industries. The fact that many governments are now subscribing to national sequencing projects provides good testimony of this increasingly competitive genomic race to sequence the greatest and most diverse population cohorts.

I have thus created an animated gif that shows nations in the map of the world in a time-based sequence, highlighting the names of such projects. I hope readers find useful this representation, which shows visually what countries have invested into National-Scale Population Sequencing Initiatives. I may have missed a few but I do believe that in this animation I have captured the ones that have made headlines.

[Note] I just noticed that Denmark is to make a “Genomic Data Centerpiece of New $14.2M Personalized Medicine Initiative“. This is the first one for 2017!

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