Explaining what Cambridge Precision Medicine Does to the non-technical

Cambridge Precision Medicine (CPM) wishes to help clinicians interpret genomics for accurate diagnoses. Particularly in developed economies, clinicians in all fields are now realising the impact of genetics in patient treatment. This happens, for example in cancer, which is originated by genetic mutations in the genome, but more and more, healthy people want to optimise their health using their personal genome tests. At CPM we focus on matching clinicians with the appropriate genetic test provider as well as giving them support with their report interpretation.

How we help clinicians

We support them by helping solve questions like

  • Should I have my own clinical genetic lab?
  • If I was to outsource anything what would it be? Is it OK to outsource the sequencing if at all?
  • What would be the ethical consent framework for my patient to have his/her genome sequenced and analysed outside of my country?
  • What providers are there available that are reliable and dependable?
  • What types of conditions should I check for?
  • How should I interpret results?
  • How should I handle the data?
  • How should I communicate my results to my patients?
  • What variants are real?
  • What is the evidence for the pathogenicity of a particular variant?

At the same time, Cambridge Precision Medicine can help providers of genome tests find the right customer for their service.

Services we give providers of genomic tests

  • Prospecting of new leads in Europe and Latin America, recruitment and visiting clinicians and hospitals throughout
  • In depth study of requirements of leads
  • Expert support in Europe/Americas of customers via mail, phone or face to face
  • Creation of scientific presentations that show the use of tests
  • Scientific representation at key meetings: e.g., Festival of Genomics London, European Society for Human Genetics, PGP-UK event, Wellcome Trust Events
  • Writing of manuscripts with use cases
  • Creation, support and dissemination of content for digital marketing (blog posts, tweets, videos, LinkedIn)
  • Present the product as an user at conferences, courses or webminars in English and Spanish
  • Creation of tutorial content on how to use/interpret provider products

Please drop us a line to info@cambridgeprecisionmedicine.com if you want to hear more about our services and we will be glad to give you the first consultancy session for free.

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