1st Spanish Congress Genomic Medicine

1st Spanish Congress on Medical Genomics – Madrid 14-15 Sept 2023

On September 14-15, 2023, we will bring together national and international clinicians, researchers and experts on issues related to medical genomics and precision medicine under the auspices of Illustrious Official College of Clinicians of Madrid. Address latest trend issues related to technologies, diagnosis and personalised therapies, using genomics as a centre-piece tool.

There will be workshops applied to certain topics such as interpretation of genetic data in a medical context, round tables where cutting-edge topics will be discussed, keynote presentations by international leaders and presentations by national experts, exclusively selected for their potential contribution to Spanish genomic medicine.

Needs it addresses

The idea of this congress is based on the need to show the advances in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the Spanish medical community, using clinical genomics.

Technological advances of the past two decades, beginning with the launch of the Human Genome Project, are allowing us to characterise disease-contributing genetic variants at a dizzying pace. In countries like the United Kingdom, they are already conducting National-Scale Genomics Programmes as an essential tool for the diagnosis and treatment of patients in many branches of medicine such as Paediatrics, Oncology, Internal and Preventive Medicine, among others.

Spain, the only country in the European Union without officially recognising genetics as a specialty of the official training for clinicians, has an urgent need to convene doctors and researchers under one roof to discuss the latest advances in genomics and how to routinely implement them as part of the arsenal of diagnostic tests available for more accurate and relevant patient care.

Expected outcomes

We will have internationally renowned scientists and doctors of high prestige, including affiliations to the University of Cambridge, the International University of La Rioja (UNIR), the University of Westminster, the University of London and hospitals such as Puerta de Hierro in Madrid and other entities public and private. We have the commitment from major technology provider companies that would like to participate and influence the emerging panorama of Spanish genome medicine.

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