Open Science in Human Genomics Research

DNAdigest is organising a collaborative symposium on the topic “Open Science in human genomics research – challenges and inspirations” and kindly invites you to join this day of collaborative brainstorming. The event will touch topics like open science, access to sequencing data, privacy concerns around human genomic data, […]

Moment of awe at the BioJS Hackathon in Munich 4-9th August 2014

Upcoming Release of BioJS 2.0

Following on from our very successful BioJS Hackathon in Munich (week 4-9th August 2014), we are happy to announce the development of BioJS 2.0. Our intention is to have BioJS 2.0 released by the end of the year, accompanied by the appropriate migration guide and resources. Importantly, existing […]

Mark Green

A Master Lesson in Speech Delivery

I had today the opportunity to be part of EBI‘s 20th anniversary celebration. As an outsider, I was very intrigued about some of the comments and remarks that many eminent participating scientists gave. I congratulate Mary Todd Bergman, Lindsey Crosswell and Spencer Philipps for organising the event. Everything run […]

Birds of a Feather page for the ISMB conference in Boston

Open Source Communities with Impact

Many bioinformatics initiatives rely heavily on distributed communities of scientists and developers. What makes these communities successful? How can we harness their energy to develop scientific impact? While a compelling vision for the project is critical, effective open source communities must be able to cope with the diverse […]

GitHub portal for BioJS. It shows 621 commits, 9 branches, 2 releases and 20 contributors.

The Secret of Building a Scientific Community

Scientific communities are the base on which most scientific projects are built, particularly in the life sciences. Scientific networks (Fig. 1) are required because all projects are complex and the skills required for their successful accomplishment are more than that of what a single individual can contribute. I […]


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