New Year Resolution: Never Post The Same Announcement Again!

The iAnn project with its official website and services is now formally launched as of January 2012. iAnn is a collaborative environment for curation of scientific announcements. iAnn is a standard platform providing software, services and an in-house editor to annotate and disseminate announcement data into a network of external websites. iAnn’s modular viewer interface allows easy customization and integration of announcement data in external web applications.

Figure 1. Example of iAnn Announcement Service integrated in the British Society for Proteome Research Website.

iAnn increases access to announcements through its dissemination tools, which have been designed specifically to integrate posts across many different websites with minimal effort. iAnn allows reporting of events, courses or news to a central repository, which are then disseminated seamlessly to member scientific organizations or websites according to keywords, dates or geographical location. Forget about having to post your event or piece of news more than once for wide dissemination!

iAnn Community

Here is a list of organizations already benefiting from iAnn services. You can also be one of them:

How can one join iAnn?

Currently there are several ways in which an organization may join iAnn. They can join as 1) Sponsor, 2) Member or 3) Collaborator. These categories are based on their needs and chosen commitment to the platform.

  1. Sponsors usually have a priority for dissemination of the announcements and news. They are usually not involved in the curation process of announcements but contribute with funds to support iAnn’s centralized curation efforts.
  2. Members are interested in both curation and wide dissemination of their own announcements. Typical members include iAnn widgets in their websites to offer the communities they serve permanently up-to-date relevant announcement information. For example, the British Society for Proteome Research (BSPR), depicted in Figue 1, shows a list of all the anouncements BSPR is interested in displaying in its website.
  3. Collaborators are interested in posting announcements to the iAnn repository and helping us spread the word. In exchange we offer collaborators the ability to display iAnn announcements in their website for free.


Please contact us if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from you!

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